i dont have to care

i know i dont havve tto be rith
i love that i know the power of me the secret of me i know the power
fme i know teh opwer of me

i know its all me i know the power of nevver giving a fuck
i know the power of never giing a fuck

i wnted this and it canme

came and i know the i know the poer of me
i and i know i made a vox to

vow to never give it away
to renounce my humanhood

i knowt he power of me and
tand the pwoeer of the p

the power of god and

tis all within

its me its only b
ever mme and im so grateufl for the time and spacce

come back to cneter and knowing that is all
i ever
need i love that i never havet o give a fcuk

i love hat i never

ahve to give a fuck i love that
i gond
dong have any

fucks left tog
to give and that ig et
can just let god live my life for me

never otsi
outside of me and everything outside

it’s only ever me its only
me its only

me its only me its only me
its only