i have to admt its me

its the mind sotrm and i can turn it at
antime i cna

i cn look or fr what i want at anyt time
i can have a good day at anyt time i can be the

peson i want to be i can be the person i want to

i can be he perosn i wan to be and get out of the way
i can be the power

the powerful god i knwo i am
i can always be the powerful god i knwo i am
i can alawys flip the switch

i knwo i dont want o feel like this foreverso the sooner i swtich
to the vversion i want
the sooner

i can feel better that is the only thing
that feels better is a change o c

of consciouensss
the only thing that l
feels better is a change of
of not swimming upstream

its me its what im consciouesn of im
creating itm im creating it im
lookingo utside of me and blaming and
its never them thit sne v

never them t
its neve them its never them
its never them is me

its alays me upper limitng
joing the mind indenntifying with the mind

i can stud
stand up to my thouths i can stand
up to my thoughts
its me looking for problems its lways me

looking for problems and i can choose to radiate happeines
that i get to choose that its me its ne
never them its me
its only ever me ceating my

reality its me choosing to care
lookginf ro something its me lookginf ro
my own problmes

its me looking for my own problemsm

its me its always me
jus admit it and move on decie to have
a good day

flilp it
flp it i flip it thats all ican
do i knwo its me i km

i am awarei

im upper lmimiting im
choosing the mind for secureint
i choo
im choosing the mind for secuuing
instead of trusitng the silnece

truging the silnec eknowing th sile

the silnnece is the truth it feels good
so its the truth
i can only love in silence
i can only love

in silnece

i have to take my power i have to take my poweer
i have to be in control of my power i have to know that im

creating it all tha i amde it i made it i made it i nkow that i amde it
im making it
i know im making it

its me is mi t
i did it i turned it aroudn i didn’t let it
out i chose

awareness i chose awareness and its worked
i know that i can forgive myself i can forgive myself i can let tig i i nkwo tis eay to just chose not thingk about it
and let it go i love thaet bthe better it gets i love that im healing i love that i nwko my power hta ti choose myp ower it hat i can always dhc oo
choose my power that ic an always choose

my power

i knwo tis m ei dim

i admit i m
admit that im too powervil i no that
i know that im crat
creating i knw i ti knwo that im always creating it
i amia

imagine it and its is i knwot hati sit
its me itasl all me its all me its all me
i get to cchoose i g

i’m always the one creating it i’m always the one
creating it and i know this i nkow that

i know that
what i look for i see i knwo that what i look for
i see i nkow that i created it i knwo that
i created it i know i wanted this i say yes to
yes yes i yes

i say yes all i can do is say yes nt
and keep going dont upper limit
keep going keep goig keep allowing


keep allowing myself ot nejoy life
to say yes to everything that is to know my pwoer
to allo ti to say yes to ist
to it

the poweerr of me i see the poweer of em i see
how powrful i am i see

i knwo how powerful i am hw
how easliy i created it i know i all
i ahve to do is trust the verion i s
prefer is feel for the verion i prefer and is reight ht

right there i knkwo im a

always creating it i knwo im always creating life i nkwo tis me
i nt

nothing is separate from me i nwo its always me

i’m floating upstream im saying yes the magic of life
i feel the magaic of life
i celebate the magic of life celebrate the magic of life

i sayye sto the verison i prefer i a

i did tit
i did tit i di an

i did an awaereness and did
have to express it and ruin opther peopels daysi i knwo tis
its just thoughts and ntoughts are never true

only silence is ture
and ona donly silece

holds the soltuiosnt eh sanswers

i’m so proud of myself ‘m
so into myself i love myself i forgive myself
i forgive the separtae self i forgive the
separate self i know i never did anything

i know nothing is wrong and nthing is right
i now thing is wrogn i nkwo this i no wthis i now this i nkow this

i nkwo i nwo i nkwo i nwko

i know the one and oly truth
is silence
i knwo the one and only truth is silence
i kknko that is all there is
that is

the only solution
believe in myself

why do i hate myself so much m
why dam i the vibe keiller
becasue i care becaue i ant to control
becuasee i want t ocontrol

when control is letting go
i love that id ont hve to care i love
that i never have to wonder i love that i nowa
everthing is alreyd perfect