i knwo

the one and only truth

what do i now

what to
do i nkwo
that life
comes after the feeling that is
the one and only truth
nd i get to choos the feelnig

i get to choose the
feeling i get to look
i get to chosoe it for me

and allow the reset to folow
i choose it fo me and allow the rest to follow

this this is the feeling

what do i want
what do

do i want it to feel like

its never not me and the only
only only

thing to do
is nothing is allow
is just be
just alllow life
to he
ahppen ht
thats all i can ever do is compltely let go
and allow life to happen

to remember
it j
doenslt matter

thts not the souce
the source is right her
the feelig is rhg n
here and nothing ccna stop it