i love feeling connected

i love feeling good i love
milking the feeling i love doing this work sticking to
this work this focus and the knowing

awareness remembering that is all it is
and putting attention on its source
every time it wanders

i know that is all i can do i know that
is theo nly work and if anything is every

ever missing its that ic an p
being it
back too

so easily so easilyt pi r

bring attento back to its source

i feel it i feel me i feel m
and i know the more i feel for me the more im

there so grateufl to feel good
to feel like i can feel me that
that i can ful b
build bon
on me that i can

feel more and more me that i get ot feel fmore more and more

i love feeling gon
connected i love
feelign in love
i love loving and being love i love
ble to give love i love
feeling giving i love

giving without reason i love

knowing i love knwoing i love knowing i love
being held closely i love

being treasured

i love makign the choice and knowing
thats all it takes

its too easy i love

eing being back to make ting the choie
makgint he choie i loee that i get to