i love practicing loving myself

and saying fuck the rest
i love being in the habit of loving
myself and not giving a shit about
anything else

all i can do is love myself
and life will reflect that and i
don’t have the energy to waste on
anything else because i know life

reflects that energy

i love standing up to my thoughts!!!!!

and remembering that i am magick
and i am god and nothing can stop me!!!

i love standing up to my thoughts i love
feeling my god self come in and that is why i do this
work to feel my god self

rise up to remember that

it’s only
ever me and i remember by doing this work
and the more i do this work the

easier it is to remember i love
celebrating knowing that my mood

is my only work i love doing this work
and feeling good i love

getting it all out
talking to myself about it

i love every opportunity to use
my magick i love
getting to use my magick i love that i
get to feel good inthsi

every here and now

i love remembering who i am and
celebrating this fact i love

being brave enough to love!!!

the power of the focus i love the power of
the focus i love that i get to choose and this
work helps me do it i know

that i am god and god is
infinite and i never have to
believe int he worry
the worry thoughts
and i love that

this work

helps me remember that

life is fun and it’s mean tot
be that way i’t

it’s only ever for fun and it
helps me remember my fun self it helps me
like myself enough to

i love feeling better i love that i
get to make the choice adn

and it all comes back to how much
am i

showing up for life??????

how much am i showing up for life?
or at all????

what message am i sneding

sending life??

it feels good to tap into the
the magick of life to
drink the honey
to feel the honey

to be the honey of life
it feels good to allow myself to
be the darling of my own life it

feels good to allow myself that
and not allow anyone
even myself

especially myself to stop me
it feels good to amke

make the time to do the only work
that matters and feel good in this here and now
no matter what

knowing without
a doubt that it always

reflects me

do you want to think about that
or do you want to embody your god self?

satnd up

stand up to your thoughts
and allow yourself to be who you are

the god self and themore
i look for teh god the god self
the more i feel it

see it

hear it

taste it

touch it