i love waking up feeling good

i love waking up feeling energized i love that
i love my life i love that i trsut life i love
taht i now how life works and

i nevver have tow onder i love that i get t
o b
to become it i loe that i get to feel good today
i love that its eay to feel good

to do this work to focuso n the verison i prefer
and know it is i love that its so easy
to just imagain the versin i prefer
and then lifes

filles in the blanks

so grateful my life is good and i get to have a good day
so graetful to feel good

to feel the energy of life

get to feel good about life i get to feel
god in me i get to feel the god self as my total

fulfillment i love that i get ti love that
i get to refuse to ccreate the vversion
where its not i love that it alreayd is
the way i want it to be and i get to just feel that feeling and practic e

feeling that feeling until it comes naturally to me
and thata’s all i can ever do