i’m connected

i’m connected with the truth i’m connected with the flow

and when i ‘m aware of a thought that is about
something i don’t want,
i quickly turn it to what i do want

if i’m thinking about what i don’t want
i switch it to thinking about what i do and i know t

that’s miy power

i know my power and i know i can
use it in any instant i know that i am
the creator and it only reflects me

life only reflects me

i feel good in my life i feel good in my body
i feel good in who i am
i know that i already have every single thing i need i love
that i know this i love that life is good

for me right now i love thatl ife loves me
i love that i knwo i am god
i love that i know
i amgo

god it makes life so much easier!