i’m god

i’m god i can just laugh becausee im god
and i dont have to care about a single thing that happens

just awtch
watch and laugh because i know ia m
god whatevver i create i

is what i see whatever im looing for is what i see
and life

and the contrast help me remember that
life is in and out hide and … seek

seek the self that’s it
and that’s all that matters i love that
i d

know i get to refuse to suffer i get to allow life
to lfow though me i get to life

live by the trth instead of
searching for it outsdie of me

i’m god and thats’ all i need to know

i’m god and tahts’a ll i need to knwo

i feel greate becaue i know that iam god
i fee

feel great because i now that iam god
i nkow

that ia mgod

bcaude i refuse to suffer

i lvoe that i get to feel good now get t
to celebbrate me right now

i love myself i love myself
and that is the only feeling that is the
only feeling is the

o od and im so grateful
i know it i now it

more thanen
anything i know its the only truth
and the on ly solution
is the feeling it

feel it now feel it now
feel god now

god now feel god now become it
nd see it
become it and see it i love that
i get to

feel god now

i dont cre what anyone else is doing i dont ccare
what anyone else is doing

i get to feel good for me
i get to feel

the power of me i get to
chooes the

the poer of m e
i get to choose the poweer
of me

i get to chose the power of me

i’m happy and im ocuse
and al
that’s all i need to be

its me its me its my game s
and i get to decite
i get to

decide i get to decice
its my game sand i get o

get to decide
its my game and i get to decide

i’m happy and i dont hva
have to wonder just feel the rea
feeling of yes