i’m here

i’m here doing the only work teh
to remember the foucs remember to allow rememer to j
just choose the feling and allow it to vollwo
floowl n
kknwo that life follows the feleing a

be brave enough to choose the feeling im
hee b
choosing the feeling of god of knwoing and not wondering
noever nevver letting myelf wonder just lettin mysellf allow
just alet

letting life come to me a

im doing the work to enjoy life to feel good to enjoy life
to hcoose the focus to knwo tis
its the god within e

i feel it and then it is and that is the
only focus im so grateful

to be back to remembering the one and only truth
and chosoing it

so grateful o be
the only plce to ever focus to allow what i want

is the god within and only focusing

only feeling the feeling only feeling the
feeling drives life whtever

eeling feeling i feel lis
what i
drivese my life so as long as i can
feel what i want to feel life follows and
i get to feel it now i get to ccelebate
it now i get to

feel it now and i don tha ve to wonder i never have to wondr

thank you for the beautiful life
for love for love feel

good feelings for love feelings for
knwoing for god for the god self

so grateful for everything that i hva

vhave all the love around me
for all the love around me

so grateful i now it already is
it already is

the feeling is all there is
the feeling is

i love that it i

alrayd is

already is i love little flirtations

i love ther
the here dn now i love that
i get to feel it

i get to feel the feeling
there is nothing s
to seek theres nothing to seek there

ther’s nothign to seek there

there’s nothigng
to seek

there’s nothing to try to live out there
s not p

no plan to enact just allowing
and saying yes to this here and now

and fully expanding to fill this moment
im here expanding into the fullness of my power

im here expanding int o m

knowing my power and celebrating it im
here tapping into my power my

the power of my focus the power of my attention
the powe of my choice

the power of my conscious c
reation and any time that i not

notice a feeling of uncertainty
i now i can relax back into

complete knowing

the focus the energy of god flowing through me saying

it already is yes it already is
yes it already is ys

it already is yeas it

yes it already is yesit
already is yes

it alredy is

yes it already is yes it already is
yes i

it already is yes it already is it alreayd
the feeling is here now the

the eel
feeling is me
who am i who am
i i

i AM

that feleing
feeling idrive with the feeling i decie
its not outside of me

it already is i celebrate that it alreayd is
i celebrate remembering who ia m
that i know who i am i love that lif is flowing perfeclty
i love

that i get to feel life i get to say eys
to life get to do this work

focus i love the better it
gets i love the upward spirial i love tht
i get to

to allow it i love that im good at th
this work i love that its so easy

when i allow it i love tha life alreayd is
i love that i get to allow it i love that i get

to allow

allow life to flow through me an i now that
it is

whenever i start to woner
i switch to feeling the
kknwign feeling and thats’ all there is

thats’ all ther is its that ies
easy a
i allow life to flow
to come
to me

the focu i
i amde it alreayd it already is

it already is now what
now what i love that i get to allow
the best of life the that i know

the truth of me that i now the focus
that i tell it

i tell ti
i feel it i feel it i fe

what i feel to be trsut
true is true what i feel to be true is tre

and i now this is the only truth i now this
i nkow this i drive life with the feelig i drive life

with the feeling i tell life i tell life and i now the power of this
i nkow this is the only work

i kow this is the only work and the

the only focus this is the only thing to seek
this is the

the only source of anyting
anything this here and now
this infinite now

the infinite self is the nly srouce

the infinite god fse

self within

proximit to god s what brings it
refusing to touch it is
what makes ethe magic

refuse to thin

to think bout it
refuse to mess it up just tsut god gd
and the feeling trust god and feeling

refuse to think about it just think
about tog god and god flows

the fm
the more i get out of the way
the more i get out of the way
the more

life flows the more life flows
the mroe

i get to out fo the waay
the more life sings through me

life sings throgu
through me life sings through me i allow life
to sing through me i feel the abundcne
of life singig through me

i know the source i know the source and the mor e

i lookk for the maagick i feel the magick
feel how i wawt
want to feel how

about it thats all i an do
can do
feel how i watn to feel about it