it just doesn’t matter

its easy to let it all god na
be back at center
its easy to release all of thea
fro the truse del
realse all of the baggase from the
self ita easy to release its seas
easy to shed that sking and
keep the sking of its wea
y to back to cener

its never them is me its never them its me i

only i cn know what i am onlyi can know what i am
only i can

be awake to what i am
onlyi can be awarek onlyi can be awarek only
i can be awarek
i now ti
thenly effot is awreesness the only effot ia

the only effort is awareness
entire focus on the ogd within
and that’s all i can co
and thats’

all i can do that’s all ican
i kow the feeling of me i nkow the feeling
of god

i know the power of me i know thep ower ofme i knwo that hwne my attentoin is out there is
its not on the real me the one ando nlyt ruth
thre’s only one truth
there’ sonly one true way to live and iwth
its with attention on itself and thats’ al

all ic an do i
si refuse eerythought i and i love that i get ti love
that i
am secure in who ia m i love that i dont ca
have to care i love that
ig et to

use it as a chance to go deepr ei cna go deeper within

that’s not me and i love that its owrk i love that the work works i ove that
the ofcus owrk the focus ow

works the focus worka st
he relaes rwotk athe


awareness works i am awarae of thw

what i am that is all ther is
is awares ne
knowint is it sonly ever me knowing its only

me that i alwys have gaod that i always
‘ve god i dont need thoughts i dotn
need problems i have god i can
always flyw ith god i

cia an

can alawys fly with god

i get to feel happy
i get to
feel the feeling of

everything else floating awarey

that i am is enough that i m in
is enough that i am is enough i

hwat wan

wantest though of me

i love that i get ot trust myself
i love that i am
getting so much beter i love that im
healing i love that im
healing i love that

did better than ever
i love that i do thave to care
that tis

its easy to turn the boat
i love

standing up for myself i love leaving when
im tired

i love that i dont have to are i love
that i can refuse everyt hgouth i can always
refuse every thought i can always refuse

i can refuse every thought

what wantest thou of me
what wantest thou of me
what wantest thou of me

and i know that that

that’s all there is ther’e only one
choce thei
theres only