faith is the substance of the thing hoped for

the evidence of the thing not yet seen

i get to feel good today i get to feel
the frequency today i ge tto focus on the en
i get to focus o the feeling i prefer to feel and then its there i
get to focus

on the feeling i want to feel
and tis there i now that im

so graetful to do me to choose me
to choose me to cchoose me to c

choose me to choose me to

only i can choose and todya i feel a
liike i can ca
actually do that

so greattul the storm passed
the arrow pulling back that i
get to upgrade that i get to learn
that i feel etter
better today i t
that i get to remember how to live for me
that i get t

to remember how to live for me

today im able to choose
toady im

im able tochosoe ohwo i want
to feel and allow life to follow
todayi have ti
the abbility to choose hwo i
feel today i knwo tis m ttoday i nkow is me its

its me choosing that narravitve

its me choosing that narrative

ig i get to choose how i feel i get to choose what i look for
i get to chose what i focus on

so gratefl im healing i lovee that im healing i love
thatim doing it i love that ididnt
even start any fights!!!

i love how far ive come so grateful for how far ive
come so gateful to turn the bota
to take back my power ot get to do the work heere to
and now to take the time in eeded
needed for me to take tie
the time i needed for me i love tat
that i get ti love

i lvoe that i had a wonderful time i love that
there were several highlights i love that
life is good i love

that life is good i love that i et to
get to feel it and then it is whatever i need to feel

whatever i feel that is what comse ts always me
creating it i love that i nkwo that

i never have to blame others and if i am blaming others

i can just let those fales beliefs pass i can always allow
the false beliefs to apss i love that i can always
refuse every thougth

its me the powe of me