its a design

its all me designing it every minutre
and all that matter wi
is what i look for is what i look for

i love getting along i love having fun
i enjoying clas si love
feeling good in my body i love
feeling confident i love

knwoing my value i love nowing my value
i love loving my worki ilove knwoign the
realy spupp

supply i love hat i nwo i havet he real supply
and its
it is infintie i love that i nkow the real

the one and only supply
i love feeling confident in god i love
trusting life i love
feeling good about life i love that

knwoing that life is alays bringing good things
i ove when i know the truth so clearly
i love when i kno the

truth so clearly i loav
ewhen i want to write because i nkoww the truth and i
want to practice it i love

enjoyig our yard i love knwoing what to do i i love thet

i oe i love flowing fflow
i love flowers i love the flow i love that
i can

i know the feeling and i knwo that feeling
is my suppy and if

if im feeling that feeling i
getting money
i know this is fact i knwo this is
is the fact of life thative
expereince of
oever and over i know

i knwo this i know this is

is lawa i

am i aware??

am i aware that its all me

i love lknwing that is up to me to choose
the answer the
its up to me

what happens in my life i llv

taking the wheel i love hat i know the truth i love
taht i get to focus on it i loe knwoign
the onw

that its only ever me
tis never them i
only i am choosing my reality
the reality i live
the way that i in

interpret it and i knwo this is the

i loe tlooking for what i want to see i love
taht i kwnot he more i look for it ithe ;mre
i see it i l

i know that when i decide wthat i want
its comes right wary
i now that i am waysly

always creating it i know that what i have in
my head is waht comes
i know that what i have in my head ai

is what comes i love that i nwo that i love that i know that
i get

all i can
ever do i hosl in my mea
head what i want to expereince
its that’s

that easy tis that
its eht
that easy its that eays i lovee that
i get to i love that
tis that eay

i love getting orders i love that our work works and
it changes lives i love that i now

i know our work works and its helps peopel
i love that i nkwo money isn’t my supply

my awareness
understanding and
knowlege of the
all providing activity o
f the divine mind wihtin me is my supply

its a focus
its paying attetnion to every moment

eryoi i create in my mind
becaue i know im always
it know im always creating
i know

whatever i think about i bring about i nkow whatever it ihk


i know im alawys creating in
every moment i cam creating
and i love that
i get ot look for what i want to see

i get to look for what i want
to see i get to

look for

i get to choose every moment
and then it is and life helps me ask life
helps m e
creatt the
version ip refer i love

being in my powe i love being in my power i love knowni g
my power i love
sticking to my poweer

sticking to my powr
is all i can do isa
and i nkow my power is a feeling i knwo that
every time i feel that ffeeling
im betting

getting abundance im
i am abbundance
evveryt imt i feel the feeling of god im
getting moeny
every time i
ffeel the feeling go of god i create abundance for myself
i create my abundance i create my abundance
its me

looing for satisfactions
i get to look for satisfctions

i loe feeling good in my wrok si loe
knowing he god
the od in everything i love
that i nkow my

consciousness of the god self is my supply
that is the supply
conscciousness is there
their money

consciousness is there money
i dont have to mke anything just turn my
all my attentoin toward knowing god is doig it
that’s all i can ever do t
aht is the only work
i know that

i feel empowred by life i feel
empowered by the knowledge
i love choosing
the knowledge every

every single time

no more

there’s no such thing
as lack

i draw inot my mind
and feeling nature the vey substance of spirit


i draw into my mind and
feeling nature the very
of spirire
substancce is my supply
this my consciousens
fo the presene of god within me is my supply

i know that
everything is the feeling
that my supply
is the feeling
taht the best i can
do for myself is
feel the feelin g
is feel the
the feeling that is the only thin g
to do and i know it
that is the only thing
to do and i know it
i amwae

i am aware of the inner world
i am aware of the
inner world i am aawre of the

i am aware of my beliefs
i am aware of my expectations

of my practiced thought patterns

and i kow is
they can change in an instant

revalue yourself
and life wil co

will confirm the change

my consciousness of the truth
is unlimited therefor mysupply
is unlimited