its me

i know the poweerr of me i know he poweer
of me i nkow i th aht


totally accepting totally accepting
i know that ican do it
i knwo that i can
i know that is

its a matter of focus its a matter wh
of where i look at
the choice i amke every minute about how if eel
how i want to feel i know tis a devotion

so grateful i get to practicce
grateful i know im good at it i knwo im
good at it
im good at it

flow with it and be positive
flow with it and be positivve

flow with life dont fight tainst it flwo with life
feel good
good in life feel good in life look
for satisfactoins
bein the practic eof it and ti comese
easliy ignora ll thougths feel the bliss of life
do theone aond llything

which is be

which is be which is allow with ch forgetthe rst tis not mou
mys rouce
i dont have to dhtink abut it

yes is all there is
is all there is down the stream is

all there is an i never have
to think about that again i
i can say yes thank yiu
and trust the flow i can make the choice not to thik about it
ever again
i can make he

there’s only one rule only one solution

there’s only one feeling there’s only one
truth and its

that yo never have to think about that
my life is my
midn and it it
its is mine the moent i decide to makeit mine