its me

i know there is only one poweer it
and it is od
god it is th feeling within

i know there is only one powre and it its the feeling
ithin iw
its so eay tof rme to practice a feeling and catch i
it its so easy to catch the feeling

its me its me i made someithing up i created the
feeling and then

the so called reality but its all me
percceiving and cratign things and wondering and b
eing afraid when i dont havet o

i get to choose secureity i get ot choose knowing i i
i get to allow god to return i get to celebrate life i ge
t to ccelebate

i get to ec
celebrate love and know thats all ic and o i ca
i get

i get to clo to love i get to allow love i get to allo gos
gods love to flow through me

i createfd something

i choose the god within i choose the supply within
i choose to return to ccenter to focus i bless the
i bless the contrast the

that helps me contrat hi know that everything that happens in
is in my favor i knwo that

everythin that happens is in my favor

its me its up to me co
to choose the consiousness when thats all there is its up to me
to choose

the consciousenss of that i want to exist in and remember
its never anything outside of me

i created that i created that
feeling the feeling of separation
but the
thing that hs m e

me stuck is that it felt good
i feel bad
becuase it felt good

to detach

i knwo taht all ic ando is feel the god feeling and
trust trust what comes

it felt good to detach
to refuse to suffer to look only to god and nothi

not thigns outside of me thats all ica n do is look towar

feel for the god self

proximity to god

is all there is the

divine presence i am

is the source and substance of all my good
i feel the god coming back

i feel the god coming back i can love myself i can allow god
myself to feel gods love

i messed up but i cn grant myself grace
im doing better than ever before