its me its the energy of me

its only ever the energy of me and i get to enjoy
i get to decide ti fi
if i enjoy my life i get to decide the feeling i ge
i feel in my life i get to say y

yes na
and yes i get to say yes and yeea
sa dhta’s athats all i can do thats all ican
is say yes and yes and l

let the rest go i get tosay yes
and yes i say yes and i
yes i know the feeling of yes the focus on yes

the refuseal to go there as
that’s all it rally is
the refusial
to let that
the actions of others affect

i get to say yes and yes i et to say ey
yes and yes i say yes to life
i say

yes to life i say yes to fliw
the flow flowinf the life flow
int rhogu me and rej
releast ehre a

i ep
eep my power here i remember that
ia mt he en
that not person
place or condidion
is my supply

my awareness
understanding and
knowledge of the all providing activity
of the divine mind within me is my supply

i know this i knwo its nothing outside of me
i nkwo tn

nothing oustie of me is the source of feeling good nothing sou
outsiide of me
nothing otusid off me is my reaosn for r
feeling good my reaon

reason for feeling good is the god within
when i am wa
awra of he god self within me as my total fulfillment
i am ot
toally fulfilled

i am totally fulfiedd
so graeufl to remembe
to remembe to relest eh reubber band so gravul

grateful i get to release the rubber gand
i get tore

release the rebu
rubber gand
and rememer that is only that its n
never anythingoutside of me

it nev
its neve anythingoutside of me
i trut life i tust the flow i

i trutt eh flow f
of life flowing through mei trut the feeling of eys
the chance to do the work
to feel good for me tor emember who i am
tor emembe th ceer
of me the god of me thepower of me
the power of me

i remember

that i am the soruce that its not outside of me
that id ot ahve to go there that i get to choose love
no matter what i get o chosoe love i et to
feel the feeling of love and that comes from me

i am the center of love

i am the source of love and i knwothis
i release the reat i nko its notht e
the soruce nothign else is the source

it is the refelction
i know this and i relax in it

its nevver not me its never
nt me the enerby of me the energy of me i want to feel good
i want to

enjoy i want to feel the pure eneryg
of me the god energy of me and i ow
i nkow tis it sbuilds

with practice i know this i now thi
i knwo this i nwo this i now

the one and only truth sn
and i get to celebbrate it

that it

that is not mu

my source i am one who loves i am teh soruce
of love i and i get to feel the that no matter what
i nkwo the tnergy of me
and ig et to feel ti for no reason

so graefl for the contrat that ehlps me focus
that i now the pworof me of my thougths and how if eel

i know thep wore of devotion i knwo thep woer of me i love
i love that i get to feel ti i lovee that

getto feel good gn
no get to feel god now get to flip the switch now

i love that i now it will never be neough
i love that i now thats not its

and i never have to care about it
i lvoee that i now
i know thats not i i feel good becuase i am one
who feels good becuaase i know life
has to reflect it

because i know god loves and me
and is always giving me the best i know that
all the best is alwyas flowing my way
and i nkow i dont need anyting
outside of me

so gratudl to be wawarey to fine my

find myself to remebmer its ne ver
never not me its never not me to remembe the poweer of the focus
to remember i get o focus the ge tit
get ot eel good and celebrate that the sourcce

is insicne of me is nt
its never outside of me
its neer not me
its never not me

i know this i nkow this its up to me to feel good
not up to somoene else i know that life has to reflect it
so i choose the elebrate of life i love that
ig et to and there snot

reason just becuaes i am
just becuase life is life is always flowing my way
i love taht i nwo this i love that
i nwo this and i get to ccelebrate it
i get to celerate it i get to
chose it i get to release

knowing the thing outside of me
isn’t it

it never will be

that’s not it hta’ts noth
not it how if eel is it how i feel is it

confident is how i feel do

confident is how if eel con

knwoign i know i know that life is on
my side n di relae the reset

i savor this here and now i bless this here and now
i nkwo tis me
i now tis me os i feel good i now
its no

never outside of eand i lvoe tha i know ht
its up to mehow i see life
i love

outside of me matter