i am aware

i know that when i strat to
get titt

irritable its me missing god and thas all it is
i know i the
the power of me i know the power of the feeling
i know the poer fo the p

of the procat
practicce i love that i nkow tis not up to me
tis pu thte

up to the eneryg of life
get to trust the energy of life i love
taht i
get to trstut eh eengy of life

i lovve the that i dont hacc
care i have the god self i hae the knowin ig have the feeling
and thats’a

all there is its me and me and its with me and me
me and god everything is made up i know that everything ismad e
is made up and i get to make it up in my fvor
i love that i get to fhav
have fun i love that i get

get to have fun get to realse t
get to n
remember the truth that ist
its all the feeling its all the energy of me
i know the power of the energy of me the tunig of me
i get to tune to the eneyg of me

i get to celebrate knowing i get to celebrateing knowin

i never have to wonde i get to celebrate knwaing
i get to cc

ceelbrate knowing i get to ccelebbrate

i forgot i was the source i forgot the only work
i let the focus slip and thas all it ever is

thats all it ever is becuas when i know god
i am at peace when i kno thwen

when i nkow its only ever god its only ever god
its only ever god i pp

prefer to lie with god i prefer to live at ese i prefer to allow li
to lfow through mei prefer to live at eas i prefer

to live the ease and flow ofl ife
the love life of life

i don thave to explain past actions
i accept them i fogive myself nd move on

i fix the eenrgy and i choose love
i fix sthe

enrgy and choose loe
tis so much easier to love its so much
esaier to love
becuse i nkow i am the sourcce
of love i know i am the source of love

ntohign that happens affects that

i know its me
if i m irritated
god is missing

im looking tous
outside of me of course im irritated


easily swayed here and there
but not when i have god not when i have the dr
truth wth

when i have the deoion
devotion to feeling good to feeling good to feel loving
o i choos to feel love now i choose to feel love

i ge to choose it now
i donte
from come from oustide
it comes from its me i m
the only source

its me i m the s
only source

its not outside of me its not outside of me
nothing is outside of me and i love that i
know that i get to reutrn to the one
and only tru

truth can always relas in
the one and only truth i get to realx in the one and only
truth i get to relax

in the one nd only truth

i realx kknowing
its not outiseee of me
its me its me thats aware from me

what what i really am thats all
its just realxing intow aware nessthata ll its i
i zoom
a zooming out a relaxing i
a remembering a focus
a frus

a devotoin

a release
a releas tis the release its the easies tand hardes thing

ceelbrating doing nothing
just chaing the
changind the enegy i get to choose the energy i
and its eay

its all fake ist
its all fake its all fake its all
just the feelin i love that i know life is good i love that
i nkow

its all the ehern
of me thank you god for everything i love that i get to ccelebrate it
i love that i get to celebate is