it’s my choice how i feel

if i want to operate on the surface

or if i want to sink in
drop out i want to drop out
i want to sink in to the center i want

i intend to expect the best
not the worst
i always have control over that its a muscle

expectation is a muscle and i come here to flex that
muscle and its up to me if i make the most

of my workout of if i just rush through it
thinking about something else the whole time

just trying to get through it
and not focusing on really building and stretching
the muscle that i came here to build

and if you want to gain any
kind of strength

you have to really stretch the muscle
and you have really focus on

isolating that muscle
and putting the work in that muscle

i’m putting the work into my god muscle

i’m putting the work into my god muscle
i can do i can

drop out

showing up for self
instead of just existing


on the surface
sink beneath the surface

there aren’t any waves at the bottom of the

it feels good to remember that there
is a code i’m cracking and every day i
get closer to cracking it

the more i ask about my vibration
about my

sense of self the

deeper i dig into my sense of self
to understand why my life is manifesting the way it is
the more i ask the more

answers i receive

and that is the only work
asking and receiving

am i afraid of success?
if so how can i embrace success?

i embrace life
i embrace life and i embrace all

comes my way
why do i feel most uptight when i’m

supposed to be feeling the opposite of uptight

and its because i’m trying to achieve
and just get it done

not really do the work the real work
which is letting go of the need to

letting go of the need for
anything to change

letting go of trying to attract of
manifest money

when the supply is within

find the supply within
and then you will be totally fulfilled