keeping up the good work

keeping up the focus is all i can
do all i can do is focus within and know that
everything always unfolds in the perfect timing

feels so good to know that everything
always unfolds

in perfect timing

so grateful to do this work
to come here and remember

the divine consciousness i am
is forever expressing its true nature of abundance

this is its responsibility not mine
my only responsibility is to be aware of this

therefore i am totally confident in letting go and letting
god appear as the abundant all sufficiency in my life
and affairs

i’m focused in the here and now
it feels good to do the only work that
matters to come back to center to

know the only work that matters
it feels good to do the only work that matters
to focus within

and know the only work is the work
of connecting with self
with knowing

who/what i am and releasing myself to that knowledge
it feels good to return to the infinite
field of that knowledge

where i know all potentialities
are possible

it feels good to know that everything is
possible and it only unfolds according to my expectation
it feels good to do the work
to train the mind

because what else are you doing to do?

flail aimlessly from event
to event in your life not realizing that your
emotions are the common thread

i believe in myself i
believe in the flow flowing through

i now th

i know that god energy is alwyas

always flowing through me and i don

i do this work the feel
in unison witht t

that god energy
i do that work
to feel in unison with that god

energy it feels good to connect
and to know that i can always

connect and that my only
job the only thing i never

ever have to do

is feel for that connection and the
rest of life will unfold

on its own
i love that i know this an

making a point to focus
only on this knowledge

i know this
and the more i focus on it
the easier it is to return to it

to return to center
to return to unison

i’m here remembering who i am
remembering love and to send love
to all things
so yes if you are

if you have racism ingrained in you
you can’t break that love



so you must break those
subconscious beliefs down

not only so you do not
continue to oppress

but so that you personally
may grow as a spiritual being

you’re not saving or helping anyone
you’re making the choice to
reprogram yourself as a personal


to not be an oppressor

if you don’t want to be an oppressor
you must become aware of your programming

if you wouldn’t do something
racist in person then you must

become aware of the ingrained
subconscious programming within you

that makes you do racist things
think racist thoughts

send racist vibrations into the universe

without even realizing it
or ‘meaning’ it

or it being malicious

you still do it
and until you become aware of it
you can’t change it

so grateful for this day
so grateful for this moment
for this here and know f

for the knowledge that
everything is love

everything is love and i can choose to
send love to all things

i can choose to send love to all things
i choose
to send love to all things

i feel good i feel good

get in the vortex and then
and that’s

all i can do

i’m inthe

i’m the vortex
i’m in the vortex im

i’m in the vortex
i’m in the vo


what does it mean

no worries
no fears
no wondering

just knowing

pure knowing
waves of relief knowing

letting go of all the meaningless stress
and worry and wondering and


it feels good to be aware to do the work
every day and know that every day i know myself more

it feels good to know myself
more every day and knkow th

there is no limit

it feels good to knokw the



un-provable truths i know

i know them
i know to be true


is always changing
and always

morphing according
to my expectations

my creations

that’s it

life is always reflectingm e

reflecting the version i create

i know this and when i choose what
i want to see

i see it and it really is that simple

putting it into practice
is another thing but

that’s why i’m here
to remembering

the truths every day
to always comes


back to the one and only truth
which is that
life is always unfolding

in my favor but not event

its’ just unfolding

alwys but all at once

and there’s no reason
at all to get wrapped up in anything
anyone is doing
or any of that

just pay attention to your inner world
and how you rfeel
you fele

pay attention to your inner world and how you feel

i’m in the vortex

i’m in the vortex
which means no resistance

no fear no wondering only love
just choose to feel love on that topic

and then you are solved

your whole life is solved

in one word

the only answer
to every question

it feels good to do the work
to know i’ve done the work before

and if you really want to see it
you have to put the work into it

it’s not the mantra

it’s the devotion to it

it’s not the god
it’s the devotion to it

it’s the devotion
the focus
because when you focus

on anything

you interrupt the flow of thoughts
that is

resisting everything
and creating
out of fear

when you focus fully
you stop the worry thoughts and
then life can unfold
as a reflection the desires of you heart

your soul

your gut

when you can get the thoughts out of the way
and that is the only work
is no other work

nothing else matters
besides this this

is the only work
it feels good to do the only work

to put the work
int ot a

to allow the dust to settle

to do eht work
the work to remember who i am
what i am
to celebrate life right now

to feel relief in this right now