like it as much as you don’t like it

because both sides
of the wave



that is the nature of a wave

and everything is a wave
so you

are a wave

i am a wave

which means that within me
there is always the up side of the
wave and the down side of the wave

neither positive
nor negative

just there
and they both always exist simultaneously

so where there’s and ebb

there’s always a flow and i know my
power is where i focus my attention

do i get wrapped up in


or do i focus instead
on what i want and celebrate
the knowing of it’s existence

i have the power to celebrate
what i know is there
without having to see it

because when the opposite exists
so does it’s opposite

this shit is getting good today

and it’s because i have
a point of contrast

a point of focus
which isn’t a bad thing
it’s a good thing that helps
me shore up what i want
and the more i practice

doing the work in life
with the energy
instead of action
the more i carve those new
grooves when i

decide to trust the flow
and get out of the way
and i love that life is
helping me do that
i love feeling the feeling of
making the choice

i love

i love gettig out of the
way i love i love that i get to
choose i love that i
get to choose i know

that i don’t have to allow
things to affect me i love that

the better it gets i love the
better i get and i love oin

doing this work that helps

helps me shoe u

shore up my energy
this work

helps me become aware of
where i am placing my attention
and remember that

my attention is my currency and i love
that i know this i love that
i know i love that i know thi

i love tahti know this i love
taht i get to choose i love that
i get to choose i love
that i get to choosea nd mthe

and the more i choose the more
life shows me and i do this work
to feel good abeca

because feeling good is all that
matters and i can feel my

feeling good an d

and trusting life muscles


and when i worry
and when i stress
and let things
get to me

i feel fat

i feel weighed down by life
i feel depressed

like i don’t want to get up
in the morning but when i

do this wok i fee

work i feel relieved

i feel the space i’m creating
to remember who i am
to come back to center
to come back to

the calm of the now
to remembe that

that life is hectic
it’s not meant to be that way
and that

i can choose the
feeling i feel i fget

get to choose the feeling
i feel