i know that life is all about perspective and i can
always choose to change it

today i promise
that if i go down that train of thought again i will

empathy for the things others struggle with
acceptance of something that works in my favor
gratitude for something that works in my favor

remembering how i truly feel instead of how i’m trying to feel

placing blame
for how i feel knowing that it’s only me
who is looking outside of me
that there’s been a lapse of presence

i know that i’m doing my best and
i think i’m doing better than ever i nkoti
notice how i feel and i work through it

i am aware of blam

i am aware of projection
i am aware that it’s only me

i’m grateful that i am more aware than
ever that life is only me it’s only my projection

it’s only my creation

if i go down that path again
i’ll ask myself

what do you prefer?

i accept myself i love myself
i don thave to beat myself up

i accept and allow and know that i’m
doing my best even though

i still love and accept myself the way i am

i accept it i accept life as it comesudw

today i look for what is there
instead of what isn’t

i look for reasons to celebrate
not begrudge

i look for reasonst o love
to love not resent

i look for reasons to
respect not

becuase ive given up god
if i’m thinking abou the
the things ive given up
ive given up god
given up on god

always rememer that
and remember god
go back to god
to faith in the one thruth