and i’m after it and of course it feels good
i’m after it and of course it feels good

im after the god feeling only i seek the
god feeling which is the feeling of letting go
the feeling of knowing that i m

am the creator
i remember that i am the creator in every moment
and that is god and that iss the feeling i seek
i seek
i know that all i want in life is to feel that
feeling of tuned in tapped in turned on

and i know that i get that feeling by choosing it
by choosing to practice i t

the relentless pursuit of god
and that means finding god in everything
when faced with a challenge
of emotion i can always ask myself

how i want to feel instead and then create that
that is the relentless pursuit

the relentless god training
never letting up always remembering the real truth of life
and not getting
distracted by

the illusion
the physical world
knowing that all things physical
are a mirror for the subconscious
i love that i know this
and i get to live by it i love that i know
this and i get to live by it the

relentless pursuit of this feeling
the only feeling in life the only reason
to live
is this feeling of knwoing that ia m
and then relaxing into it

imagining the veresion of myself
i want to be and i ilove that i get to be it


finding the god in everyting
the god in everything knowing that the self is god

i kknow that i am god the
one and only creator of me i know that i am
god the

one and only creator of me i love that i get to
choose i get to choose to pursue god i get to
choose the
feeling going after the feelig in every moment

tuning the self in every oment

i know the feeling of tuning the self
of the feeling i know i get to choose teh
feeling right now
get tin the in the vortex and then

feel good and then and that’s alll that matters
i know that alll of life is workingout for me
i love how far i’ve come i love that i’m

already at my pinnacle of cus


relentless relentless and i know that’s all there is
that high flying feeling of knowing

i’m just observing
i’m just watching

i’m just here to watch the magick of god
and remembering that is my only work

relentless god training
relentless god


always always always feeling
for the

that feeling of god that feeling of the version i prefer

that feeling of total knowing that it’s
already made that is god

that feeling is god
relentless pursuit of that feeling
because its all there is
that feeling is what creates anda s long
as that feelins

is there that is the life i see and i know this for a fact
so i let go of the rest and choose the rt



this work this feeling is all there is and i know i
feel my best when i’m after god when in every moment i feel the
way god would feel i know ths

that feeling is my true pinnacle of success

the bravery to take the ea

leap and live in my zone of god
not about doing things or accomplishming

but feeling i feel the fullness of god
i feel the truth of god that i am god
that i am god that i am god that i am the creator

i know that for a fact
in ever moment

god is lavish
unfailing abundance

the rich omnipresent substance
of the universe

this all providing source
of infinite prosperity is individualized as me

the reality of me

relentless and i know the feeling
i know the power of it and i know i can do it
and that’s all there is i know that life

is no discriminator
it gives me what i am
i love that i know this i love
that i knowthis

i love that i know this


relentless i feel it and i know its a feeling
not a destination
a feeling fo total
of totl tr

total trust
total letting go
totally trusint the

trusting the signs
totally taking the leap into the
god eeling

being unafraid of the god feeling
and i know this is my only work


relentless seek god

relentlessly seek god
and i know that’s all i can


all there


that’s all there is

that’s all there is

relentlessly seek god


find it in everything and that’s all thre is

there is so fraefu
grateful to feel this feeling of knowing
to feel it now and just trust the signs to let go
and trust the signs

trust the feeling trust the knowig and
that’s when life opens up

and i know that it is what i want
that is how i want to live

i want to live elevated

i want to live magickly

i do live magickly
i love that i do i love that i’m aware
i love that i see god in everything

relentlessly seeking it

flipping everying to god turning everything
into god

and that’s all i can ever do i love that
i know this

i have found the secret to life and an
can releac

relax in the knowledge that the activity of divine abundance

is eternally opertaing in my life

i simply have to be aware of thef low
the flow

the radiation of creative energy which is continuoulsy
easily and effortlessly

pouring forth from my divine consciousness


relentlessly feeling the feeling of knowing
and trusting life trusting the feeling
trusting the signs

trust the feeling of life

just trust the feelings and life tru

shows you and i know this i lov ehtat i
that i can st
just trust and life willshow
show me the way