so graetful

so grateful the wife loves me
and she cares about me and wants to spend time
wtih me

so grateufl im loved and appreciated
so gre

i love feelng so loved and appreciated
thank you thank you thank you
for the love i already have thannk you
for the love i

alreayd have

i love
tnot caring i love don
that id ont care i love zooming otu i love hta t
i get to dzo
zoom out i love that i get ot
livve the truth i ge tto live the truth

i love that i get to feel good
that i know its me tha i am the
sourcce that ia m
the source

ia m the one and only source of what i seek
i knwo this i knwo this i wnkot his
i know

the feeling of knowig drives lie the
feeling of kknowing dries life
live and
liife and al i can ever do is choose the feeling of knwoin g
here and nwo

the feeling of knowing the
feeling of knwoing is all there
is that is the only work and i love hat i now
im so

im so gratful i knwo im
so grateufl to feel good to feel feel
good to feel good to feel loved and appreciated