so grateful

so grateful we escaped the burg
so grateful we can afford our own place!!

so grateful to be a working artist
so grateful for all the good work we’ve been making
so grateful i know
everything is unfolding perfectly

so grateful for air conditioning!!

for more than enough!!

so grateful we can go to the lake
so graetful

for positive feedback
i love positive feedback
i love
i love

i love i love i love
being proud of my work i love that
everything is unfolding perfectly

so grateful for drawing!
for books!!

for the fact that i know
god is lavish
and unfailing

it feels good to practice knowig
knowing thsi

connect withthe

the knowledge

theo nly

the only knowledge
it feels good to elevate!!!

elevate my life
to a higher level it feels good to elevate
to love to love

this here and now to
feel truly good it feels ogod ot

to truly feel good to feel excited about life
to know that li

that life

the best is yet to come
and it’s always flowing to and through me
it feels good to know this

to feel the feeling of knwoing
to do the work

the feeling work to know the
feeling is work

work is theo nly work
to love this right now
to know i asked for this

to know it’s ok
to feel this way t

and it’s always ok
to celebrate everything

knowing that life loves me
and is always on my side

i never have to be afraid

it feels good to say
to believe in myself to
believe in the god self

to really knkow t

know that god and life is on my side
it feels good to do the work

grateful to do the work
to om shri

to become omm shrit

and know that is all i can
ever ‘do’