so grateful for this day

to do this work and let the rest go
let go of the pit inside me
release it little by little or

all at once
massage away the ball of fear
and anxiety
and anger and fear
so much fear

and realize
that life is going my way
that i already have everything i need
and say thank you
turn my attention

my most valuable currency to the version i prefer
to the way it already is there
are myriad ways to tell the story that is
unfolding in every second
its all up to the narrator

i can feel it lifting and i can feel my
heart breaking free it feels good
to release the soul

i release the soul from
the confines of the mind
the bars the mind wraps around the soul

perpetually convincing it
that it is safe there
behind those constraints

but i don’t need to protect my soul
or my mind i don’t need anything
built around my soul and the more i release it the
more free i feel
the mmore i

allow myself to feel good

to enjoy the trip called life
feel good about something celebrate comein


look for the good be gratefulf or what
for what you have enjoy this eay you

day you’ve been blessed to get to live

feel the way i want to feel
relax into this day enjoy this day
embrace this day love this day

love this moment love this moment
set the soul free
from the lies the mind builds up around it
to protect itself

the mind entraps the soul so
that the mind can keep

existing because when the soul is free
it is aware of the mind and its lies

the lies it tells to keep itself in the picture
thinking you have to force

thinking you have to try
believing you are not enough
believing no win is great enough
where you could just as easily

thank you for the win!
so grateful for the win!
every win is a win!

every win is a win
every moment is a win
every soul is a win
and every mind
is an L

it looks for Ls and it is one
the mind is a big loser who talks shit
and tries all day every day to tear you down
and you dont have to listen

you dont have to believe
you get to do

to believe what you believe what you

believe what you want
allow yourself to live that version
is just ath

that easy

and nothing has to ever change
besides perception

i can do it i can look past it
‘i can feel past it

feel through it

feel through the lies feel through
the facade

the charade

i know its fake and i don thave to
live it i get to celebrate the fact that i dont have to live it
i get to celebrate the better version

a creative life a life of love
and enjoyment i’m
so grateful i get to live my life
i’ve made the choice to live my life
and i’m so grateful

i can always look for what i want to see
i can allow the version i prefer
and it doesn’t make me a bad person

it makes me brave enough to life the live
i want to live

for me

i am brave enough to live the life iw ant to
live to feel the feeling to celebrate the day

right now

today i’m releasing my soul
today i’m releasing my soul

i’m freeing my soul

letting her out of the cage
them out of the cage

to feel how they want to feel to
feel howi’m meant to feel

today i’m releasing my sould

allowing myself to love and
feel loved allowing myself to love
and feel loved

today i’m free today i’m free
today i’m free i’m doing the work
the fintess

fitness of the mind the fitness of the sould

finding god self the happy self
the loving self the loved self
i can m
jump into that feeling i can allow that feeling i can
allow that feeling

i can allow that feeling

feeling that i alraedy have the life
i want

embracing the life i have right now
that already is the way i want it to be

i know life is all about perception
and expectation

and awareness

of those expectations
those emotions that feed your life experience

when is tart
start to feel stuck like i dont know where
to go i know i need to read

to have my knowledge reaffirmed

that life isn’t about getting
anywhere or achieving anything

look for ways to say yes i look for
whats t

ways to say yes i look for
ways to feel good reasons to

believe in myself i look

for reasons to feel good to love
ways to show love ways to
express myself fully to allow the full
expression of myself

because that is what i want
i want to love and feel loved i want to love
this beautiful life i have and i know its that
easy to jump into life
to fully believe

and savor life
and myself

thank you thank you for this day
thank kyou for the power to renounce my humanhood

and come to terms with my god self
every day i know this is my only job
and i know god
is fully on my side fully supporting whtever
i want no matter what that is

if i think im poor
god will show me that
i know that god dosn’t


it only supports it only amplifies
and i am brave enough to allow it to amplify

good feelings love feelings


and feel through the prison of
and fear


self hatred?
not hatred but
somehow not wanting to
be wealthy
a block

thinking its bad
but whats not bad
is god and when you’re with god
all the time

you get out of the way
and life supports you in the best way possible

i am always supported
i am always supported