weight lifted

so grateful to wake up feeling good
so grateful to afford the things i need
to replenish

so grateful for good food

so grateful to work from home!!!

so grateful i already have
the life i want so grateful
i work for myself

i’m already makingm y best
work every day i’m already fulfilling my passion
i’m already

fulfilling my passion i love
that life already is the way i want it to be
i love that life already is the way
i want it to be and i love that i get to celebrate that
i love celebrating life
celebrating the flow the
flow the flow

celebrating the flow
so grateful to celebrate life

so grateful for this moment
to trust life and feel good
so grateful to trust the moment
and feel good so
grateful to

relax to ground to get a chance to do my work
to allow the work to flow to just
focus on what i’m doing right now
so grateful to do the work
to do the chores

to do business for our business i love our
work i love that we’re already doing it
we’re doing it and have been and will keep living the
life we want the life we want the life

is already here and

grateful to build up the energy
build up the attention
be aware of where i’m putting my attention
be aware of how i can turn

resistance to gratitude
how i can release resistance

how i can be aware of
my thoughts and how they make me feel

how i’m choosing to feel
where i put my attention

what i believe and this work helps me do it
so grateful i don thave to
believe in the trappings of mortal man

that i can renounce my humanhood

today i renounce my humanhood
and claim my divine
as a child of god
and i know its that easy

to claim my divine
in here

in heritance
today i claim my divine inhereitance
and it feels good

it feels good to keep tuning myself
toward god

knowing that is the only this

thing that could ever be


if i think i need something else
its god and i can always find that
because it’s always right here

in front of my face
but everywhere

not just in front of my face
but behind it

grateful to know grateful to choose
and then knowi love
i love that i know because i
get to choose

grateful to sit because it works

grateful to connect because it
is the only thing that


its the only approach
that i’ve foudn s

found satisfying
and i’m so grateful i found it
and i get to pursue it

get to be it because i already am
and there’s no pursuit

there’s no journey
its on or off

and right now its on

right now its on and its that

and i on the god channel or not
and it’s that easy just remember
to look at life how god would

and then you’re on the god channel
feel about how god would

then youre on the god channel

see yourself as god would
then you’re on the god channel

see others as god would
act as god would

email as god would
DM as god would

tweet as god would
drink as god would
eat as god would walk
as god would

take out the garbage as god would

fill orders as god would

would god?

so grateful for all our abundance
for our two floor apartment
for all our amenities
for love and support

for a cozy day with my tramily
to be invited
to be in the mix

for our orders
for passive income
for subs
so grateful we’re getting there
and i know its all working out
its all working out its all working out
life is

all working out life is all working out

is perfect in the
god channel

fly like god would

sing as god would
let your heart sing
they way gods would

sing in unison with god
allow your heart to harmonize with gods to
hear the god sound and align with it

allow the heart to sing as gods would
allow god

to sing the song through the heart
through your soul god is always singing
and you can choose to hear that song

or ignore it

i hear the song i hear it more and the more i
listen for it tune into the song of god the

more clearly it comes into focus
when i feel for it when i

listen for it
its there and it presents itself and
all it takes is asking

is it there?
or just deciding to want to see it
acknowledging the possibility
asking for what you want

my only job is to remember this power
my only job is i get to remember
this knowledge in every moment

every choice in every choice
i get to make it i get to diced

decide and maybe some
expectations are deeper but they
can always be changed i love that
i know this and i love
that i am aware of my power
i do this work
to remember my power to jump

fully into my powera

and i know that’s all i can ever do

i feel

life i feel god within me
and i know that the best and only
work i can do

is looking at god

i come here to look at
god and the more attention i give
to god the better my life is
i know this is true i know i

am filled up with god and that is all
i need i love that i’m here i love
seeing the effects of the practice

i love that life is happening for me
i love that life is happening for
me i love that i know this because i . am. god.

i know this because i. am. god.