thank you for this day

for the choice to lookf or what i want
want to seee to celebrate thw i what i want to c
se to celebrate life flowing throuh me and i get to

so graeful for this day to choosee
for this day to choose how i want to feel
to celebate life to say thank yo
and know that’s all there is i knwo that
all ic n ever do is feel

thankyou all i can ever do is feel thank you for

everything that is all i can ever do i sfeel the
is feel the
feeling of thatnk y
thankyou that is the onl job the only ques t
that is the only ques is thank you

the focus is all there is the
devotion is all there is the feeling of yes
the feeling the feeling
of being aware and im
i love that i
get to i love that i get to i love
that its not up to me
nothing is up to me

nothing is its me its me its me
choosing htats all ther i
there is choo
just choose it because i have
the poweer in here i hae
the power and today i choose my power
todayi gkepe
keep my power i dont give waya

away me power ii love that i dont have to
care i love

i loe that i i love that i
get to choose my powr todayi lovee tha
i get to choose me odday i love that i
get to
choose my power todya
choose the
feelig today
thcoo choose the feeling

the only focus to allow the focus of life
to lf
flow through me and i love that i get to i love that
i get ot

to allowt he focus
of tha

thank you for the tfocus
thankyou for the work
for something to do r
so grateufl for our work
for my wife who loves me
so grateufl for
for my fwife who love s

me go

to get to who
go wherever i want so
greful i get to

grateful frot his focus
fr the remembering that nothing is
outside of me
and the feeling is never outside of me

the feeling is never outside of me
the feeling of life the feeling of god is never outsie
of em ena di know this i know th
i have found the secret ot lifeand
can cen
an c

can relax in the knoweldge

that the activity of divine abundnce
is eternally operating in my lfie

thank you for life thank you
for the god self for just the
beginning for the feelig
i get to choose no

the god self i get to choose right now
and this is theonly work this i the
only thing that matters
i nkow is teh feeling
and its aonly only ever me i nkowt is teh feeling
and its only ever me feelig the feeling

the feeling is all there is and i know the
feeling anything im thinking about
just ask what i would prefer and feel it an
that’s my power tha’s

tha’ts all there is
that’s alll there is
that’s a

l there is ai dn i know for sure ask myesle fhow iw atnt o feel and i will and its that ie
easy its

the feeling of awarenss i knwo this and i now that this practice would be the onlly thing ever missing from my life
i nkwo that i w
what i seek is right here and its the one and only truth of life

i get o to choose it i get to choose it in everymoment

i get to choose i get to choose
i get to choose

the feeling of life flowing through me

thehart singing the choice
the choice ebery tiem and never haveing towone the choice every time
being the real me not holdng back from gods alove allowing gods love to flo through me
completely allowing

allowign gods love gods feeling i nkwo tis all about finding the
feeling fidi the feeling
and the it alraedy is find the feeling you adn
want and it already is i can
awlays find a way to use my pwoer i can use

ths here and now i cn alwys feeli
and it and i now life has to respond i love doing this work
ad knowing life has to resonde
i love tha tlovee feeling that is resoled the stuation
is reesolvdde i il ove that i nkwo this
the situation is resoled i an c
i can allow myself to feel it andthen it is

i cn let it aog
and feel the feeling of solutions i let it god i lo
i allow life to flow through me i nkow that l life
is just teh beginning i nkow that

i know that i get to feel the feeling i want to feel now and il
life reflects i love that
i knwo the truth of me i love that i dont care

i lvoe that i know the truth and that’s all there is that’s all there is

that’s all ther eis

that’s all there
there is


all there ishow would i want to feel

totally confident

in letting go andl etting god appear as the abundant all sufiicienty in my life and affairs

this feelng isall hee is and i know the
when i kn
dont know what to do
feel the feeling when im thinking

feeling the feeling i want to feel and stop
that’s al lthere is

i have to make
i have make the choice for how i want to live

i have to make the choice for hwo i want
to live every moment
it gets easire and easire to feel the feeling of
total confidence in god in knowing that tis taken
care of that its resolved that

its gods plan that its always god s

gods plan
and i can just allow it to unfold
i can be happy either way