the only work

is me the only work is the focus its where i decide to
look its what i ddeice to look for and i know life is god i know
that life i s
is good i now that life is
making whteverr i tell it to i know that life
is making whatever i tell it

its me making the day its me making my life
its what i put into it its
what i put itnot it is
its what i put ito tlife that i see reflected back to me
and i nwo this i

i know the only truth i now the
i only truth of life
i now the truth of life i nkow the secret to life
and can releax in the knoweldgte

i simply
have to be awre of the flow
the radiation of creative energy
which is consin
easily and effortlessly pouring from from
my divine existence

and effortlessly
i love that i nkow i l
i know the truth of life i nkow
how lie works i nkow how
life work i nowt he flow
of lfie i know how life
orks i knwo that life works i knwo

the flow is always flowing i knwo that
i nkow the i know how life works i nkow tis
me i know tis alwalys me i know it its me its just
a practice just are am remembering every mometn to choose
how i watn to feel

its up to me howa i feel and i get t
to choose to feel free i get to chose
the freedom of life i get to choose to celebrae life
i get to allowl ife to get
be good i get tochoose to have fun
i get to allow fun
i get to allow fun

i know

i know the trth i knwo it i celebrae it know i think feelingly only ofthe version i prefer and i know ti works it for sure works i knot ti i knwot his i li know this i
get to choose what i prefer and then it is a
nd i know this i knwot his is

exacclty how life works and i celebrate becauues life is
is esay
just choose how you want it to be and then it its