thank you thank you thank you

thank you
thank you for the space to do
this work
the only work
that matters and i know that
as long as i am connected
with spirit

there really isn’t any other
work and i love that i can
rest assured knowing this

knowing that
is always on the case
i know that god is


filling in the gaps i know that
god is always filling
in the gaps

with love

answering the
what ifs

with love

all the wondering
and the


god is answering with love
and i know that love is always there
trying to

not even trying
just giving
the best i can receive and i know
that whatever is in my life
right now

is me

i know it’s a feeling and
that feeling is me

it is my life
i know that it can only reflect me
i am not a match to that
for whatever reason and i can

accept that i can also accept that
i can change what i am a match to
and i know that it’s all about the
thought patterns surrounding
and when i think

there you go
acting just as a i expected

only i
can change my
and therefore
change my reality

so i am changing my expectation
of you and that’s all it takes
and all of a sudden when i decide

to expect something

then i feel better
and when i feel better
i am a match to
what i want to see
to a better feeling

but its not the manifestation
its the feeling
that is life

the manifestation
comes about
the feeling as an


after wave



of me

and i love doing this work
this is the only work that matters
to me
is writing
writing about who i am

who i am

remembering who i am
is the only work that matters
and when i devote myself


and only then
do i live
a fully

authentic life

the life of me the
life the way it is
supposed to be and if i
can bring myself to feel
the feeling of that

then i can see that
and the feeling of that
comes with

total release

letting go of it all
remembering that

i don’t have time
to care about what people
think or how something
is going to unfold

and the more i dig
deeper into me
the better i feel the
more empowered i feel
and the less i give

a shit about the outcome
or about what other people
think i know

my power in this life
is to show people

you don’t have to care

you can live your life

without fear and if i can
helps inspire people
to live as themselves


then that is
my work that is my
only work is to lead
by example

and i love that today
i am doing that i love that i am
writing articulately

writing down my discoveries
and doing the science work that
will help people
prove these


to themselves i love that i
get to feel good i love that i am
feeling like a match and i can tell
that that
is why i am
experiencing certain things
in my life

because now
i am a match and i know
i am here to do the work

not necessarily
clean up my vibration

clean up my vibration

and i can accept that
and i can accept that
even though i’m not totally
sure where i am


that life will lead me
and the feeling will lead me
and god



and i know this
that’s why i can
take the big leap
into my

zone of genius
and allow myself to

be my best self
and when i do that

i don’t need anyone
to tell me how

good i am

how much they love me
because i have the love
of god the love of spirit

the love of the tao

the love of me


and i know this
when i love me
god loves me
when i love me

i remember

that god
never stopped

and never will
the mystery of life
loves me and wants
me to succeed

the mystery of life
responds to vibration
and i know this
for a fact
i know

this for a fact i get to decide
i get to decide how i feel
every time that thought
crosses my mind and if i feel


it’s just because i’ve built that
up in my mind and i love

that i am

assuaging that fear
that i am not enough

just by practicing knowing
that i am enough