The Back Yard

i can’t

for the life of me figure out
how to release that grip

on the hose

that is preventing the
water from flowing through

but then just like that
it does flow through

definitely when i’m not trying
to let go of the hose
the hose lets go of itself
and i get distracted

by the slip and slide

then the hose is free to spray
every which way and usually

all over everything

creating quite the show but
also a mess along the way

so then i see the mess and i

immediately grab the hose and
cut it off again

relegating myself to hose
control instead
of enjoying the water rides

the other


why focus on something
that got wet and will eventually


instead of enjoying all the
fun the water is making?

and why insist on cutting off
the supply of water?

eliminating the mess, yes
but also the fun

and then what is left?
a senseless job
and a summer in the

hot sun.