the only work

the only feeling the only power the only
motion the only notion
that means anything the only act that makes any differnece
and its the same act ever time
its awreness every time and iwhen youre in the habit you now
noting else matters

in the habit of awreness and nothing else matters

its me its me its there
s nothign outside of me theres nothing outside of
gods pla theres nothing
ousie of cconsciouesne
what i decide

is what is i waht do i prefer to feel knwoing
knwoing gods plan here with god celebraitnt with god and thatsa ll i takes dont let htea mind dtak over

its only me
tis nly me its
there’ nothing outside of me

ther’s nothing outside of me
its me
its me its all me
tis me its always
a wamt
match to me life
is always a match to me

life is a mirror

thers’ nothing outside of me thers nothing outsidde of
consciousness and i never have to think
its tim
times to get out

off the roller coaster and decie
tis dd

its time to make the hcoice
to use my power its time to use
my power its tim
time us

to use my poweer

there’s nothing outside of me what tdo
di prefer theres nonothing outside of me
nothing out

outsie of me nothing outside of me
and its time for me to make the the
chocie it
can only ever reflect me

its not outside of me
nothing is outsidde of me
is outside of me