this is fun

its fun to be myself its fun to have skills
itf sun

its fun to have attribtes

its fun to not ol
look to someone else to feel good

tis fun to hcoose it myself so grateufl to get to choose it myself

i get to have fun i get to decide
becuase its all me its me

its me and i get to decide

its a good day its a good day its a good day its

a good day and i get to cchoose i get
to decide

i can do it i can do it i cn

do it i can do it

i have a good attitude i have a good

attitude i love having
having fun
i love knowing its all good
i love

knwoing its me i love letting it all god
i love t

that i can trust god i know that is all
good anything culd hap

happen it could be gone in the mor

i release i let go i am aware i just keep clicking i just
keep clciking clicking i just e

keep clicking

i’m happy im happy an
and its up to me to decide i
get to hcoose it no wi get to cchoose it now choo

choose the feeling choose the
magick life

right now i get to choos teh magick life righnow and
im so grateful i know

i trsut the flow i trust whatever happensi love
that i knwo tis not p to me i love that

there sno gur

futuer to expereince
i know tis in my favor i know everythi
everything is in my favor