thre’s allways a way to feel good

ot ch
o choose how i want to feel theres
always a way to choose how iw atn
to feel theres always

a ahy
way to choose it and then lfe has to reflect it thers awaly a way
to choose i and then life has to reflect it

to feel
choose the feeling i prefer well how to d
you want to feel happy and in love how do you want
to feel happy and in love

grateful jesus christ
she doesnt hae to invite you fuck
and then youd be mmad if she didn’t

unhappy either way ass
choose to feel good choose to be happy

to enjoy life and say thank you life
loves me choose ot
to say thankyou life loves me life loves me knowin that

all there is is consciousness
and i get to choose it now
i lvoe thatl ife is good i love

that life is working out for me i love
that we get to see her i love that
we get to spend time i love aht whe

we have someone

i love that i love my life i love that its working out i love
that its all in the flow i love that i gt ot
feel love that i get ot

to be the source

it just doesn’t matter and i love that i nkwo i love htat
i get

to chooe how i feel i love that its not
up to someone else

im the boss in there im
im the boss in here

im the boss im th boss i get to decie

im the boss i get to decide what it is