today i refuse to suffer

i refuse to look for what i dont want to see i know hat i can
do it and i know its me i now its me i now the feeling is awlays me

i knwo tis nothing outide of me and i do

todayi re
refuse to suffer today i look for god today
i enjoy life for me because i want to be
becuae iw ant to feel the ener

its never them andits me
its m

i loe hat
i loe that i i love that i ow tis
its money i love

i lov that i nwo tis me i love that i now
nothing happened i ilove that
i now nothing changed i love that i now tis up
to me its up to hao wi feel i love

that its pasisng i love that i now
hw to allow it to pass i love hat i now haow
to live for me from heart center i now
how to livefr om

prefer what do i prefer becaue its nevver them
its me making shiit

that’s all it ever is
that’s all it i
ever is is me making mshit in
up in my jind i m

i know ive been here bevore and i know i can chsake
shaek it

its never them tis neve the
its never them its me itsa

its always me deciding
its always me i
its me wasting time that i could have
eene n

been enjoying my life
its me only me who can turnt he boat to
who can choose the focus

who can choose awareenss

choose to feel who
gohow god feels its only ever me to

who can choose to feel how i
god feels

its esay to return to the ga p
its esay to
let thte the rest go its

easy to let the rest go its easy
to lte the rest
go is

easy its eayt o reus every thougt and i now that i can d it
i can relase everything that isnt’ me

fall back to cne i can relse everything that

isnt’ me and fall back to eenter i know noone
of it is true
i know

nothing is true i now i know nothing ist ure
i kow
nothing is ture
until i decid it

i wnat to do the wok i
i want to do the work to
todayi do the work i

do the awareness alchemy and i no
that i k
love that i get ti love that
i get to let that
those thoughts go i love

that i nwo nothing is true i knwo nothing is true

there is only one truth i knwo this i knwo the
one and only true

truth and its thatt iam
creating it i know the oe and only
truth adn its that iam

creating i i love that life is good i knwo that i can
always get tehre i now that i can always

fall back to center to love and release the rest
i know that i can always relsea


everythign tha ti am not i no

its me choosing its always em
its never not me

its never not me choosing and its

just decide to look for what
i want to see
let those thougths go

theyre not treu
let them god let

just let those thougths go
and ceate
the version i want its so esay

its so esay i love that
we had such a nich time

nice time i lo

its because i hate myself because i think i fucked it up
thats wht it i
im beating myself

u for not being perfect that sla

all it is hate myself
and im porjecting it but its so much easit ot
to eadeal

with my own sel fi knwo that’s what it it
i hate myself for the time s
i watn’s

perfect but instead i can choose to love myself
to know i did the est every
id id

did the est ever i trusted myself

im mad at myself for
having a hard time

im mad at myself for doing myself
for having my guard up

im mad at myself for leaving early??
when i was tired??

staning up for myself and my needs for the fis
time ever and im mad at myself

i stand behind it

im so gratufl i nw tis me
its never them its me

so graeufl for how far ive come
for all the healing ive

so graeufl for all the healing ive done
i know ive come a logn way

i love feelign norming

normal i love feeling like myself
i nkwo tat i can release attachement
and find the cneter

center the real source is always right
here the real source is always right here and i now tha
i knw that god loves me i know that god
sees my progress i know that
god sees my progress i now that god sees me
i now that i know i
i nkow that i am gaod i now that
the more i tap into my power the power

better i feel i knwo that the in
there is always the in and out of life and i get to choose
how i react i love that im
learning so much i lvoe that
i et to choose the power of me that
i get to drive life with with tef

feeling that i am awer that i knwo iws
awlys me that i knwo tis alwy em
that i getto to feel good for me
that i get to chos the gatp i that i get
to choose the real source that i nkow all that is fake and amde up and mits me


forgetting im god

its just me forgetting im god
but im awakke to tha now
and thats’ all ic an ever od

be awake
e aleret

be aware
that’s all there is

and i kow this