total confidence

in letting go and letting god
appear as the abundant all sufficiency in my life
and affairs

i know this is the only owrk
i nkow awareness is theo nly effort i cn feel it i can
feel the muscle i can feel the muscle and i know
the more i feel for it the more it fr
growsand i nkow that muscle is all there is that feeling
is all there is i
i nkow i pur thta

the responsbility for the feeling outside of me t
but that feeling is always right here nad now
and now

its the opposite of nervous
and its total confidence
its knowing it
that they are mits no
kknowig that they only refelc me that there is nothing

separate from me that they do what
i tell them to that they do what i tell them to with the feeling

i know this i now i never
ever have to wonder just choose to ccreate to just cchooe
to create and know t

this is the owrk this this
the only work repgramming my ind
i kno this i nwo that tcontrol
is ll

letting go and i nkow ths wri
is all there is i now this work is all there is
tis relaseing everythign that im not i
its choodin knowin ig
know god
does everything perfeclty tis seay ing eys to everything that is right now

no desreice

i feel the feelng of comprelt trust comptle knowign
that the feeling drivese everything

the feeling every time coming bck tot he feeling
that is the only wrok

and i know it
i kno the only owrk i know the only owrk
i nkow theo nly woruc

source i knwo the only wrouc

source is theo nly work

entire focus en

entire focus and i lvoe that
it doesn’t matter i say yes to i
i allow lo

all of lfie to flow to me
i knwo that im the boss i say yes to it i say

yes to it i say yes to it i allow
myself my deesires

desires too i allow mysefl
my desires too i

i allow it for myself i allow myself
to feel ti to feel the ceratinty of life

is the only owrk and i already feel
the effects i loe

seeing the effects of th practice
i love remembering who i am
what i am

all the truths i knwo i love that
knwoing the truth i love doing the wwork for m
for me to be the person i want to

i love that i can alwys be the god self
no matterw hat
i can awlays go deeper intth
to the

the god self