When god comes out to play

that i know that when you turn toward something
you turn away from it

you push it away when you
look at something
and try to force it into the
shape of box you think it should go in

you push it away

because it is god

whatever you are looking at
whatever you are trying to force

is god

and you can’t force god
and when you do

it runs

it runs and hides from
your attempts to control
and then

when you’re not looking
and least expect it

it comes out to play!

i love it when god comes out to play
and i know that only

only happens when i least expect it

when i become god

because like attracts like
and god can only come out and play
when i am embodying god myself
and when i do

when i am god
then i attract god
and that is the only way

to truly enjoy the magick of life
is to become god and attract god
along the way and god always shows up

but when you aren’t looking for it

because when you are god
you don’t need god and that is when it

but if you are god
how can god come play

because they are the same thing
you are the same thing as
everything else


when you become god
so does everything else