who am i

i know who i am i nkow what i am i knwo what iam
i know its up to me

its nevver outside os
of me its never outsice of me its never outisde of
me its ne

never outsidde of m im

i knwo so grateufl i nkwo for how ho
how far ive come for doing everything perfectly
for trusting the flow
for releaseing the future
ther eis no t


its never them its me
tis never tem its me
i never have to lose my focus
i never have to lose my focus

i can always keep it up i can always keep
the focus its ne
never them tis me its me i m up for the challenge i am up the challenge i knwo that all i can do is turnt he focus withitn
that’s all ic an do is keep up the work if

im afraid of losing my focus that’s on me

i love that
when i know i love that im no t
afraid beause i nkwo how to focus