cult of counting day 2

a prompt that says “when i tell myself my only job is to count it feels like”

or my mind replies

it feels like fear at first but also relief
and when i allow it to be my only job

then it really feels like relief

my job isn’t to breathe
my body does that on its own and my job isn’t to make
things happen

my job isn’t to sell books
my job isn’t to break legs to
get payments my job isn’t to

write books
my job isn’t to put on workshops
my job isn’t to

figure that out

my only job is to count

my only focus is on counting
and i can still feel some resistance to myself

when i tell myself that but i know
deep down this is the only real truth

that my only job is nothing
the only thing
i can ever do is nothing
that is why i am
doing this experiment

taking this leap so that i may learn by the
through the process of my own experimentation



these experiments

are my work
this work is my work

and my only job

is to count

to be brave enough to
let the rest go
get out of the way and just count

and i let myself do it for a week
because my mind

can comprehend that my mind
can wrap itself around that

as a project

if i just tell myself
right now

my only focus for the
rest of my life

is counting
the mind can’t quite get there
or it seems like too much or like
the mind

doesn’t even want to try

or if it’s for

my whole life

then i can always put it off
until tomorrow
but when i tell myself
i am doing a week long

the mind wants it more

since its for the sake of science
and not my own well being

because somehow to the mind
everything is more important
that one’s own well being


and counting helps me
get to the bottom of that because when there is
counting there is space
and things

bubble to the top
an awareness bubbles to the top
when there is space to

be aware of it
and release it

it just evaporates into the numbers
and as the number rise
one by one like bubbles on
bubble bobble
so do the worries
and pains of life and just like that


they are gone because the numbers
make space for them to float the numbers

give a lightness to the air
the make the problems not so


counting is my only job and the more i
focus on it and the more i

talk about it
with you

with myself
the better it feels and then when i say

counting is my only job

i feel assured

i feel certain

i feel confident in the power of life
the flow of life and i feel the
feeling of knowing that

nothing else is my job


trying is not my job
looking for an old RV to buy
is not my job

client work is not
my job

and then a prompt that says


and then you make a list

of everything that isn’t your job

kind of like less fucks

mailing packages is not my job
making others happy is not my job
vibrating for others is not my job

design is not my job
writing books is not my job
collaborating is not my job


is not my job

my only job

is to count

the most subversive thing you can do is nothing

counting is my only job
my only job is counting and i am already feeling the
relief that comes along with it and i am

so ever grateful for the gifts that the universe
is constantly bestowing upon me

i love that i can live by example and by
way of living by example,

we help people

just by living and not being
afraid to live life by my own rules

i help people

and by knowing
that counting is my only job
and by doing

my only job

i help people
by doing this work for myslf

by lining up my own energy


exploring the depths of my
own self i help others

by exploring who i am
i help others

by exploring personal power and

with personal power

i help others

i know that my only job
is to count and by

being brave enough to count
and only count

i help others and by
recording the process by talking
about the process by

examining the process
by examining the power of me
i help others

and that is my only job
i know that this work is my only job
i know that i get to help people

because i know the secret to life

i know my only job is to count
and the more i say it the more it feels like


the more i feel excited about life
the more i feel the
energy of life flowing through me
and i feel

relieved and i know that
all i an ev er

can ever hope to feel is relief

and i feel excited

excited about knowing that i am
making space for life to flow through m

knowing that the work always works
the feeling always works and the feeling

comes from

singular focus
singular focus and letting go of the

i love that life is good for me
i love that i am a money
magnet i love that i am

a money magnet i love that
i can always do the work this work
and that contin

counting is my only job i love celebrating this
knowledge feeling the feeling of coming
back to center

feeling the feeling that i feel
when i first wake up and i’m still in bed and so
cozy andhappy

happy with my wife without a care in the world
and allowing myself to bask
in the life that is good

that is how i feel before i fully

wake up and start worrying about things
every single thing

and then the shortness of breath kicks in
but not
i remember that counting is my only job and
when i let go and devote


myself to god
in any way possible
counting or whatever

then the dis ease

and the magick


that is just


this is a fact
this is not a philosophy
or a theory

this is