doing the work and feeling better

when i do the work this
work of remembering who i am
and that’s
it’s only ever the energy and that i’m allowed
to love msyelf
myself and celebrate life

that is the
i’m afriad t

i’m afraid to
allow people to see me

celebrating life i’m afraid to jum pint

why i’m doing it’m
i’m taking the leap i’m jumping into

i’m celebrating life
right now

when i do the work
i feel better when i feel for the power of
me when i’m

brave enough

to feel for the power of me
to love me to love

to fucking love myself it feels so
good to fucking loe m

to love myself enough to look
for signs of improvement it feels good
to pracitce

loving myself and get there i
ti it feels good to get there
to to

pay attention to the energy it

feels good to be aware of the
energy it feels good to be aware of

the energy i love myself
and i deserve love i love myself and i am

worthy of ove and

love and i am not afraid to love
every single day because every day is a miracle
and i would reath

rather feel good than bad so m
i make the cohce to love the day and i love that
i can feel the energy i love that

it’s eay to let it go

to connect to spirit to elevate my vibration
to remember who i am and let go to remember
i never have to worry aobut

about anything or make any

anything happen

it feels good to feel the
energy to choose to feel at ease and
feel that i have access to it if

it feels good to do the work to
feel good about msyelf to celebrate this

iknow it’s only me
i know i am creating all of that
and i feel the feeling
of knowing that everything will
work out perfectly

i prefer to enjoy my life
i prefer to wake up excited i prefer to
feel invigorated with my projects
i prefer to
be proud of who i am i prefer to let
money flow in and out

i prefer to approve of myself
in this here andnow i prefer
to feel elevated and i love tthat
that i do al ot of the of the time
i love that i feel


elevated a lot of the time i love that i know
who i am and i know i am the creator i am remembering
this more andmore and th

the more i focus on this work
the mroe i remember that