i don’t have to look at what is

because i’m ready i’m ready i’m ready i
notice the blessings arriving like planes


i’m ready i’m allowing i know the blessings are coming
in and when i vibrate at satisfaction

i see satisfaction and i know this to be true
if not only from my own personal experience

so much personal experience at this point

but its what every teacher teaches

from jesus
to buddha
to bashar to
lao tzu

i hand over my life
i give in i give in to god ia ll
allow the clouds to carry
the star the way they
were always meant to and i jump
into the feeling of

thank you thank you i’m here now
i’m here now

i feel the feeling i feel the
feeling of the blesssings constantly flowing in
so grateful to
remember what
and who i am so grateful to do this work
the only work
to be aware of what and who i

really am so grateful to feel connected