i get to drive with the feeling today

what can love do today
i can let go i can feel free because i know the one aodn ly
only source and i nkow the work always works whe
i put my focus on the god self within i feel better

i knwo its all focus its all feeling i knwo i love
that i am aware i love that ia m awre i love that i now
i love

that i nkow

the answer is not in the mind and i love
taht i now this that i can release the attention
and allow it to rest at its source
i know what i am awrae i have no problems

the problem is the mind and that’s all it ever is
when i start thining what if they ont like me
that is the source of he problem

the thinking the what if the not

knwoing i choose knowing becauae them liking me
will never be sourc
my srouce i choose my source
i choose god i ghoo
choose to enjoy lfie
no matter what i choose to know i choose

to know i choose knowing i choose knwoing i choose
total confidence
i choose knwoing i choose knowing

choose it and it is choose it and it is
i get to choose the point of focus i get to choose
where my attention is and lie helps me

i could tell right wa
away that i couldn’t
hadn’t been doign the work becuse the a
smallest thing through me off right wa

AND what i want is to be

not be throw offfable
to be my own source all at all times
to always be my own source
ad i knwo t

the work works attentoin
fcous works i know this
the mor i feel
for my real sorucce the more i feel ocn
confident in it

i feel better already i
feel so much better alrady just
by putting my focus

within m
by remembering the one aodn ly truth
and refusigin to let it go
and its never them ti sim e
its me

lettgin go

letting go of the feeling so easly
and placing it outside ofme
i am
aware of my thoughts and the

feelings they produce and i nkwo that lif
has not

no choice life doesnt choose i choose
life has no choice but to reflect
the feeling insie


i have to be the srouce

its not them its never them
its never them

they are not the source i am the source
i nwo this i am

aware of the thougths and how the m
they make me feel and the vibration i am sending to life
ia m a

aware of the vi
signal i am giving to live
ia m aaee

of the of the signal i give life

i loe that i nkow i love
that i now that i get to let ti all go
i get to let all of it i love that

i get ti love that

i know what is real i know the onlly
real thing i know the only real feeling

and i nkow that
life has no choice but to show me
the feeling
to shoow me the feeling

no matter what the feeling is
i know life has no choice but to show me

with the sense of knowing
and then life reflects
the only thing