the one and only truth

and its not outside of me and if i feel something
is missing its because im looking outside of mei
its the one aodn ly truth
and if you get what you want
you’ll e
e every more
even more misderable
hoose choose hwat you wa
want now withc is
to let go oof the rubber ban
and just exist
just exist here and now

i never have to wonder i never have to wonder
all i can say
do is say thnak
thank you for the gifts that brought me to my own
power i know its only ever me and life has
to follow me and the contrast

of life shows me that
always leasd me

always leads me bck tot eh thetruht to
the power of my truth i nkow its me andi never have to wonde ri choose
it now and i never have to wonder

its me its all me it all
te v
the version im creating its all me

all me its all me the onlyt ing
missing is gogd i know there is nothing
separate from
me i nkow this i nkwo thi know this
tis the
hte olooking outside that is the disease
its the looking to pat

future and pat that is the dises and i knwo thie i knw otha tlal i can
do feel the feeling
and nothing else mters
i knwo that all ica nd o is feel the

its only ever me and the only thing
i can ever do is stand up to my thoughts be
and be the everion i wnt o
to be all i can do is be the version iw atn to be all i can
do is be ther

its never not me and tha’st
i know the poer ofme i know the power

i know ima always creating the version
of me

its teh ower of me thats’
all thre is that’s all thre is
that’s all there is is hte poweer of me

i knwo this i knwo theone and and
only truth and ai
i aware or not
that’s all thre is and if i not aware
that is the disese
that sleep is the disease
and i knwo this the sleep is the disease and i now this
its nothing else its the sel

sleep is the disease
just choose just choose
dont wonder
choose and be done with

choose and be done with it

why am i doing this
what is the pwer
what do i prefer what kid of person
do i prefer to be
what kind of perso

do i prefer to be
how do i prefer to be how do i prefer to be nd i can be that nwo i can be that now i can choose

gratitude now
i can choose b

gratitdue now

its not them
and thas’ the only prole
is looking otuside of me all i can
ever do is be silenc here and now
stund up to
my thougths and exist here and onw
allow mysel

myself long
alone to be enough all ican
is allow mysel f

alone to be enough and i knwo that is
the anser there is no future
there no past
is only this here and now hwo s

do i prefer to be here and nwo and lalow
allow life to floowi t
that’s the one aond nly leson
lesson every time
thats the one aond and only lseeon
every tie life is

how i lookk at it
its not what the mind what i tot be i

its neo

nothing is real nothing is true its al in the min
and i love that i now this that i et to cho

it already is its
alreayd is know i know i knw he power of it i knwo th power
of the choice and know that’s all there is
all ther is is the choice for how i watn to feel

all there is i
is the hcoie for how
i watnt ofeel

all there is is the chcoic

make the choice make the choice make
the choice
to just


the prosmi
proximity to god is what i seek
and i nkow that i can trust myself

to always

i knowt he prosimxity to god is alwwy here with me i know the
the proximity to god is alwys here with me
its all there three is
i know there ‘snothing esl
else i
and its
the relief of knowin that t
its ht
the feeling of relief that comes with

the feeling of relief that comes
with remembering tht the feeing
feeling i seek from someone else
is lways right here when i stop
looking for it outside of me

the feeling of wholeness
of completeness

the feeling of being complete
is here now
is a

me is who i am and i n
dong need it dont need it from outside of me and lfie

is always showing me this the power of me
i kno the power of me i choose hte
power of me i choose the feeling of em
i choose hte feeling
of me the
i choose the feelng of m
the feeling of me
the feeling of me

the feeling of

the feling of relief that comes with rememering that what i sek
is rigth here what im looking for
ousie of me is right here
what i seek outside of m
what im looking fo her to give me
i alredy have what im lookign for her to f
give me i alreayd have i kwo te
the rest is i knothigl ife
has to reflect me
i nwo tha l

i know i dont need aything
i know the pwer of me i know th powee of me
i kno the powr o fme i now the powe of me
i nkow that life
is laawy
help m
helpming me remembe that power ofme